Classic School Map Find


While rummaging at a local church rummage sale last fall, I saw this hanging in a corner. It was a canvas map that used to hang in a classroom in the school attached to the church. I figured it would be out of my price range for the day (I had $10 whole bucks in my wallet), but I asked anyway.

$6. $6!! I bought it on the spot. The older lady taking the money told me a young woman was eyeing it up earlier, but she went home saying she need to think it over. I hope she decided she didn’t want it, because I know it makes no sense to pass up something so under priced.

I estimate the map to be from about 1970. I’m dating it from the geography it presents. It features the territory of Afars and Issas. Today we know this as Djibouti, but it used the name Afars and Issas from 1967 to 1977. Further down the African continent I spotted The Congo. In 1971, The Congo would become Zaire (today the Democratic Republic of Congo). This puts the map after 1967, but before 1971. So i’m rounding it to circa 1970. (Still before I was born, so its an antique to me).



Upcycled Bridesmaid Dress

I have too many bridesmaid dresses. They’re perfectly nice when you wear them at our friend’s wedding, but in the end they always end up in the back of a closet collecting dust. Bride’s try to reassure you when you buy the dress that “It’s totally reusable! It will make a fine cocktail dress!” It won’t. It will always look like a bridesmaid dress. (Side note: I’m pretty sure I told my own bridesmaids the same lie. Sorry!)

So, now I am on a mission of dismantling  these dusty gowns for parts. First up:

Sam and I after too many mimosas at a Brunch-Time Wedding


Once again, a perfectly nice dress. But, really, where else could I wear this but at a wedding? More specifically, that top? I bet you’re eyeing up that lovely tulle skirt. The material and that color!

I wish this post was about my mad sewing skills.  Its not. Its about my Mom’s mad sewing skills! I went to my Mom with what I wanted and she was able to finish it within a day.

First, she detached the top. Its the top that lets you know this is a bridesmaid dress. It had to go. She took a half inch of the material layers where she cut and flipped them inward to create a waistband.

The original zipper crossed both the bodice and skirt, so she had to cut that in half. She sealed the ends and reused the zipper pull tab for the skirt’s zipper.

And that’s all it took. So I went to a local thrift store and found a sweater to match the skirt.

Good bye bridesmaid dress, hello something I can reuse.