Library Book Basket


I buy a lot of baskets. I’m pretty sure I will always find a use them, and when they’re only a dollar or two at the thrift store, I buy them. I brought this basket home, where I was met with a pile of library books covering one side of the sofa.

First, the basket:

img_9018     img_9015

Perfectly fine little basket. Probably would’ve worked great in a bathroom.

Now, I should have taken ‘in-process’ pictures, but I didn’t know I would be blogging about this a few months later. So, I will try my best at explaining.

I went by my local Jo-Ann Fabric’s and went towards the wood crafts aisles way in the back of the store. I found a pine plaque roughly the size of one of the sides of the baskets.

I knew I wanted a literary theme and, visually speaking, children’s literature is perfect for a project like this.

I drew out my idea, in this case “The Little Prince.” (Great book, in case you haven’t read it). I used acrylic paints to paint in the design, and chalk board paint to fill in the negative space.

Once the paint dried, i coated the acrylic in polyurethane, sealing it in. I painted three coats of the black chalk board paint. Once the polyurethane and chalk board paint were all dry, I tempered the chalk board by completely covering it in chalk and then erasing it. Remember, you do not seal in the chalk board.

Finally, I drilled two holes into the plaque and used some sewing thread to attach it to the basket. In the end I got this: