Invitations for all you 80’s Lovers


A few years back, a friend asked me for some help with invites for her upcoming engagement party. Her fiance’s favorite song (ever!) was a-ha’s “Take On Me.” She very much wanted the song’s music video’s aesthetic to transfer in some way over to the invites. In case you are too young to know why this would make for such a cool visual, I direct your attention here before you finish reading this blog:


She sent me some of their engagement photos, specifically this image: DSC_0298 (2)


I put this through Photoshop, cutting out just the bride’s figure. When I was left with just her image, I reprinted it out onto paper a bit more agreeable for a pencil than regular printer paper. I worked in the groom’s image first, then went about trying to recreate the music video.


When I finished the final image, I scanned it and sent the bride a high-resolution image for her to pass onto a printing service. This was the image she sent to all her party-goers:



Admittedly, I could have done a bit better with the background. But they seemed happy with the results, at least. Inside the message read,”Our a-ha moment came when she agreed to take on me.”