Flash Medal Box


I gave Sam this as an anniversary present a few years back. Running medals had accumulated in small piles on his nightstand, on his desk and sometimes in between the sofa seat cushions. He needed to organize! His running buddy is my sister, who I discovered had been using a small decoupaged box I gave her years ago to hold all her medals. In fact, I’ve now had to make her a few to hold all the medals she’s won. Naturally, this gave me an idea for Sam.

Sam is a big comic book fan, so of course, I had to make this from a superhero know for running. I gathered up supplies from his own collection and my trusty bottle of Mod Podge.


One thing I do different when I decoupage is that I rarely use the original item in the finished project. I have a pretty fine scanner that I use to make copies of the images I want. This way I can size things the way I want them (and I don’t destroy any of Sam’s comics). I usually scan them in at a high resolution, then re-size them, and finally print them all out (on as few sheets as possible) on card stock paper.

Using scissors and an Exacto knife, I figured out my layout onto a pine box I bought at Michaels. I painted the box black before I covered it, assuming that some of the box would be showing through.

Once I figured my layout, I used the Mod Podge on the box and the backs of the pieces to place them onto to the box. When the box was covered, I used the Mod Podge to cover the whole box, using enough coats that none of the original pieces were sticking up anywhere. It has a nice, smooth feeling when its done.

Around the edge of the lid, I simply painted the box red. The color matched with most of the images and I thought it gave it a nice cohesiveness.



Sam has been using this box now for a few years, and pretty soon I will have to make him a new one. Personally, I just don’t get running, but Sam shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.